Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 6 of the 30 day Gratitude Challenge

I like all the things in my house -- from every piece of furniture to every play pretty but this is a list of the things I love!

Grandmothers' chair, pearls, owl necklace, shawl, old dishes, step stool
My wedding rings and all the jewelry my wife has bought me
The rocks and glass I have collected
My past pets ashes -- the tub of their things that is put away.

My life is rich not because of these things but for the love I have for these things. These things connect me to the ones I love, cherish and remind me of happy times.

I love all the jewelry my wife has bought me because she bought it for me and that's what makes it special. But my wedding rings are the things I cherish most. They remind me of the love my wife has for me even before I realized how deeply our love went. I can't bring myself to replace/upgrade them because of this.

I have things from both my grandmothers as well as from Duste's grandma. These things are treasures because we can physically touch them, reminding us of the ones we love and lost.

The love I have for my pets is without restraint. Having things that remind me of this important to me. It reminds me I can love truly, fully, deeply.

My rocks/glass I have no real logical reason to love but I do all the same.

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