Friday, April 4, 2014

Clear and Unchanged

 Yesterday I had my 1st MRI of 2014. I wore my Desmoids Suck shirt for the occasion!

This year makes 2 years since my last surgery, 6 years since my first and 4 years since my third. Yeah, that’s right, all 3 of my tumors reoccurred at year 2. Unfortunately, I am really getting good at the 45min-1hr long MRI Scan, dealing with the injection half way through and finding my way around the building. I can even tell, based on the timing of the silence from the machine, if the techs are calling the doctor because something was spotted and reading the doctors expression when he walked in the room to tell me the results at my follow up appoint right after the scan.

He walked in Smiling…..

 My doctor, Dr. Wurtz at IU Health, promised me there were no secret “spots” he was watching and went on to say the MRI shows no changes since surgery!! I’ve waited 6 long years to hear that!

I have one more MRI scan scheduled for this year, in 6 months. Once I get the all clear for that one in October I am free to start pursuing pregnancy!!