Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day #3 of the 30 day Gratitude Challenge

When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears

--write what this could mean for you in your life

This quote says to me take time to appreciate the little things, focus more on what you have now – right now.
Imagine how this can change your thought pattern – focusing more on the good and less on the bad. 

We are programmed to talk about our problems and its considered bragging when we talk about the good. What if we switch these, how different would our lives be? 

It is difficult for me to find things to be grateful about because I thought it had to be big things but it doesn’t. It can be, should be, the small things – the wind/breeze, sun, leaves, walks, talks, homemade dinners, safe secure relationships, ability to grow, freedom to explore, hot tub on cool nights, heating pads, financial securities, ability to stay home and less stress.

A note that came out in my Soul Writing –
                Live in the moment, focus on the now more. Like when getting a massage—calm my mind                 and enjoy the moment, right here/right now.

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