Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting married in a state where it is illegal

As we announce our wedding to our family and friends we are getting the “Is it legal” question. Now—the way I am taking this question may not be what is intended but it makes me feel they are saying because it is not legal in the state of Indiana for two of the same sex to marry then my celebration is less important. Technically a marriage is just a piece of paper you get at your local court house—the wedding is the celebration after. The Wedding Ceremony is a ceremony of love, the love between two people, and the guest are there to show their love and support for the couple. The only thing different about our wedding and others is a piece of paper. Our Love is just as strong, if not stronger; our Commitment to each other is just as meaningful. We share the same last name, we sleep in the same bed, we love each other more than words can express. We are Mrs. & Mrs. Eggers—deal with it! No laws and certainly no person is going to tell me what I can’t have, can’t do, can’t love. Those who think they can really don’t know me! I find a way. Redneck Republicans don’t scare me! (Ha!)

This is going to be a happy day for us; it’s going to be perfect and wonderful. I will never let the negative Nancy’s rain on our wedding!

A Few More Pieces to go before the Wedding Puzzle is complete

We will be shopping for me a dress this Saturday! Once we have the dress then we can get Duste’s suite Vest and pants. Once our outfits are complete we can get our flowers, let the cake lady know our colors and order our love bird topper! All the pieces are coming together nicely!

First comes Love, then comes Marriage, then comes......

Engagement Pictures—

 We met with our photographer, Tina Ott, in Story on a perfect Wednesday evening to have our engagement pictures taken. I had my hair and makeup done by Christina Rice and did Duste’s hair and makeup myself. We picked the perfect outfits a few days before, something simple in a creamy off white. We had props and the wonderfully beautiful back drop of the property around the Inn. The entire experience was perfect and the pictures show it! Within a few hours Tina had the disk ready, working late into the night as she was as excited as we were. We designed Announcement, Save the Date cards and Wedding Invites, plus got copies of all our favorites and a few for the moms. Tina even threw in a Free 8x10, pose of our choice! I am so excited!  The getting married experience is so exciting and fun so far!

I’m getting married!!

Yup- you read that right! I am marring my soul mate, the most wonderful supportive, loving, perfect, made just for me woman! We are tying the knot on Sunday, October 13th 2013.  I have to be honest and say we have been planning this since the end of 2012. We picked the perfect spot—Story, Indiana at the Mill, the perfect season—fall with all the beautiful colors, the perfect cake, the perfect ceremony and we are going to have a DJ! Music is such a big part of who we are and we look forward to expressing our love through songs at our wedding/reception! It’s going to be a simple ceremony, short and sweet with finger snacks, refreshments and our beautiful cake. We are only inviting 25 people to keep the setting intimate.  I look forward to marring my perfect soul mate and sharing a last name with her!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It’s Official.......

I am now Talisa Ann Eggers! A month and $300 later the judge said YES! I now get to start the process of changing my name on everything, which I hear is too fun! Ha! Of course I already changed it on Facebook, My Email Acct and on Couple—an app we use. Duste is so happy, her parents are happy, I’m happy, my soul mom is happy—it’s one big ball of happiness! So worth the $300!

We are one step closer—closer to having the life straight people get so easily.

ü  House—own in both names
                  ü  Cars—own in both names
                  ü  Bank Acct—in both names
                  ü  Same last name--Eggers

There are only two things left on my “to do” list—
                  1.       Marriage
                  2.       Child

 Did you catch that—

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pinterest Love

I have to admit I was a little slow falling for Pinterest but like most when I gave it a try I fell hard! I have gotten so great plans for my yard, house and planting but the most valuable thing I have taken from Pinterest is picture poses!

Because of Pinterest I was able to save us HUNDREDS of dollars on a photographer for Eli’s birth announcements and some awesome sibling pictures! I also use a FREE picture editing program, with these two things the picture came out amazing!

The boys did wonderful, letting us pose and do wardrobe changes often. Eli even woke up and let us see his beautiful eyes! I am so in love with those two boys….

Here are a few of my favorites!

Monday, August 5, 2013

What a wonderful Saturday….

We spent Saturday evening at my sisters. Eli Joseph was past due for his newborn announcement photos and I wanted to get a few shots of both boys together. Over all I think both boys did amazing, letting us pose and change outfits several times! I may be a bit bias but I have very adorable nephews!

 After pictures Duste and Amanda made us an awesome dinner of grilled pork chops and chicken and sides of veggies, corn and mac-n-cheese! Then we all, including the dogs, went for a mile walk around their neighborhood. What a wonderful evening spent with family!

Earlier in the day I spent half the day with my wonderful Soul Mom! We went junk shopping, I found some great things for the boys and our surprise in October. We had lunch at a great sandwich shop and enjoyed each other’s company. I love spending time with her, regardless what we are doing!

My poor sweetie had to work Saturday, which is why I chose to spend time with Brenda. Not that we can’t do that together, but my sweetie hates junking and I get a little one track minded when she is home and only want to spend time with my sweetie! We are still like kids and can’t get enough time together.  

Livin’ the good life!

Price Matching at Wal-Mart

I am always looking for ways to cut my monthly spending, as you know, recently my focus has been on the weekly grocery bill.

A co-worker and friend told me about price matching at Wal-Mart. You do not need the ads, you don’t clip anything and once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take much time at the checkout.

Several times a week I get sales ads from other grocery stores in my area, before I would just toss these aside because I am not one to drive all around town for a sale. Now, I keep them on my dining room table and once a week go through them while making my list.

I have one list of my price matching; broke down with store names, sale prices with units/sizes. Then I make a typical grocery list with everything I need, price matched items with a star next to them. I organize my list based on how my store is laid out so nothing is over looked.

Price matching works on name and store brands, like item to like item. You do need to pay attention to what the Wal-Mart price is so you know you are getting a deal. (If you want to go an extra step and make note of the store price next to your sale price this will make it easier at the end to calculate your total savings) You may also want to compare the item you have a price match for to a store brand item to even further insure you are getting the best price.

The best price matching successes I have had are on the Brand Name things I use weekly; like my gallons size and 12pack bottles of Diet Green Tea, Lipton with Honey to go packets, Silk Almond Milk, Quaker Oatmeal and of course stocking up on meat! Most everything else I will sacrifice for a store brand and cheaper price. (Using sale ads when Wal-Mart’s price isn’t lower) I also use price matching for fresh fruits and veggies. I would say typically my cart is maybe 5-10% things I do not have a sale price for!

Each week my savings range from $30-$74. Well worth the little effort it takes to look through ads and write a few things down I think! Before I discovered Price Matching I was spending between $1-200 making my monthly cost entirely too high for my liking. Now my weekly bill is typically under $100—like last week I spend $50 and saved $30. (So what would have cost me $80 I got for $50!) I call that a success!  

I hope everyone tried Price Matching at least once—let’s make these grocery stores work for our business; it’s the only thing we can do to fight back on the ever rising cost of food!