Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy busy Summer

Hello, sorry it has been so long since my last post. Things have been so busy this summer.

My sister is taking evening classes at a local college, which leaves me with my little man Keaton Michael on those nights and just keeping up with the daily grind can be challenging. I am so blessed to have Keaton and my sister in my life. There was a time, before Keaton was born; that her and I were not on speaking terms and having Keaton Michael has really changed our lives and our relationship. It is amazing to think back on my life a year or so ago and how much things have changed. I now have a home that shows signs of having a little one and my back yard and both porches are the same. But I really wouldn't have it any other way. I am so lucky to have a sister that has allowed me to be such a big part of her and Keaton's life. When Keaton was born, is a day I will never forget, I spent hours at the hospital helping my sister; which soon turned into days, weeks and months after they came home. Keaton had a touch of Colic when he was born and nights were a challenge for all of us! I would take him on Tuesdays and every other weekend to give mommy a break and when my time was up I was exhausted! I am not sure how any of us got through those first 3 months but at month 3 he was a completely different baby. He was sleeping through the night, 12 hours most nights, and rarely fussed. Keaton crawled on time and walked at 9 months and is now a handful once again. He is so much fun and I cannot imagine my life without him! I never in my life thought I could love someone as much as I love that little boy. Words cannot come close to expressing my feelings for him! My sister Amanda and I are now best of friends and closer than we have ever been. It is strange at times because I find myself wanting to slip back into mommy role with her but I stop myself and back off. She is grown and has to make her decisions and learn from her mistakes. I am just lucky she is on the right path and doing her best for herself and her son. She has a wonderful partner as well. Poor David, not sure anyone else would have hung on this long! They are perfect together and do their best. Sometimes Amanda will say something I have preached to her all those years ago and I will just smile—she was listening after all!

On top of the daily stuff, working and keeping up with Keaton, I am still fighting to eat right and exercise. Some days these two tasks come easily, others not without a fight! I have lost less than 10lbs but of course not where I need to. My belly is still there but my butt and legs look great! Unfortunately I have noticed a little coming off my chest—something I have worked very hard at getting! But I will continue my fight and hopefully soon I will win the prize of being able to button all of my pants once again! I have been eating more fresh and organic thanks to our local Farmer Market.

Duste has talked me into take a trip this year. There was a time we were like gypsies--we traveled often and as far as our money would go! Since we have bought our 100year old house those trips have stopped and the maintenance and updates have begun. Our house is nowhere near finished but it would be nice to get a way again! So, we are taking a 4 day 3 night trip to the poor man's Florida—Kentucky Lake! We are spending one day on the boat, my favorite thing in the whole world, and the other doing who knows what! I have a feeling this is going to be our last trip just Duste and I and we wanted to make sure we get one more in!

So, that's been my summer—