Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day #5 of the 30 day Gratitude Challenge

Think about things you take for granted everyday – not so long ago these things were thought impossible. Make a list of all the miracles you benefit from in a regular basis. How would it change your life if you look at and appreciated everything as the miracle that it is.

Electricity – not long ago there wasn’t electricity in homes. This miracle provides so many comforts and benefits to my life. It allows me to light and heat my home, enjoy TV, internet and radio, keep my food refrigerated, heat water so I can enjoy hot baths/showers and prepare my meals.

Electronics – TV is a miracle in itself and now we have HD and hundreds of channels. I enjoy the benefits of my tv every day. With my DVR, DVD and Netflix. It helps calm my mind, educated my mind and turn off my mind. Computer, Internet and Cell phones – these are new and how quickly we can’t imagine our lives without them. These tools help me connect with people, look up information and learn. This is a never ending resource of information.

Running water – helps me keep my family and house clean.

To see everything as a miracle would be freeing, exciting and give you a sense of wonder and happiness! To be Thankful for all these little miracles would bring attention to them making you appreciate and feel grateful for them! 

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