Monday, July 9, 2012

Social Anxiety and Mild Depression

The diagnosis is in, it is official—I’m on medication.  I fought a hard battle not to have any mental illness but I have lost. Depression runs strong in my family; parents, siblings and cousins all suffer from it. This social anxiety I’m not sure when it started but it got worse recently. I was shy as a child; could that have been the start of it?

 I am ready now. I am ready to get better; I am ready to feel better! The future is bright once again—with this help I will make it out of the dark clouds that seemed to have moved in and never left. I am so excited to feel happy again! 2-6wks she said it would take to start feeling the good vibes but until then I have my instant sunshine pill that get me through.

I feel… I am able to breathe again. The tightness, aggravation and worry are gone. It is so nice to know I am on the road to recovery!

Everything is going to be alright….it really is!

                      *Ivy is going to grow and be a wonderful healthy dog.

                      *Duste is going to get called back and hired on when the time is right for us.

                      *I will get to leave my job.

 Every day I will put one foot in front of the other getting me a step closer. I will take a deep breath and enjoy my life one moment at a time….because everything is going to be alright!