Friday, September 6, 2013

What a wonderful getaway!

We took our last summer vacation to the shores of Lake Michigan. This time we stayed in Algoma, WI. It was a long drive for sure, and because of our required frequent stops (we drink a lot of water) it was made even longer. The lesson we learned—keep it under 5hrs. I have a very low tolerance for long drives. Ivy Rose did amazing on both the trip there and back. She absolutely loves beach vacations!

We stayed in a big lake front home, easy to find and close to most things. We didn’t like the many rules, as this was our first time booking a vacation home through a real estate company, nor did we like the very little charm the home had to offer. But lessons learned and notes made—we will remember these points when making next year’s reservations.

We love to travel so each vacation inspires the next!

We do have one more vacation coming up this year—two if you count our honeymoon night away.

We get to stay overnight in Story, Indiana. We will be in the room about the Mill. Cute, romantic and charming! The next vacation is a weekend get a way to Chicago. I am looking forward to the boat tours, comedy shows and good food—maybe we will get lucky and get some snow to fall while we are in the city!

It does our heart, soul and spirit good to travel, get away and have a change of scenery!
Path to the beach


Ivy, the beach and a fire--perfect!

Ivy Rose after digging in the Sand!