Friday, July 11, 2014

Christmas in July

Scoring great deals!

I typically start my Christmas shopping in July. I have found most catalogs have their best sales this time of year. However, year round while flipping through catalogs I am always on the lookout for Clearance items so I can have birthdays and other holidays covered. I also search local facebook pages. This is a good place to find new or gently used things at a fraction of the cost.

Every year for Christmas my mother and mother in law expect soap from Bath and Body Works. (I’m not sure how this tradition got started) Typically the sale is 4/$18. Today I got them 4/$15! I also picked up a birthday package for my youngest sister complete with Body Wash, coordinating Lotion, two mini sanitizers and a sanitizer holder for a total of $10.44. Plus Free Shipping and an additional $2 off!

I love saving money! I am always looking for ways to save more!

I have to find my birth mother something for her Birthday, Christmas for the Eggers Parents and two more things each for the boys!

Of course Duste and I wait to decide the budget we set for each other until later in the year!

I have found if you buy throughout the year, small amounts here and there, it is easier on the budget and keeps you out of debt by not putting yourself in that last minute situation and end up over spending!

Happy Shopping!