Monday, November 17, 2014

Leaving Work….

 My work history--

I got a job in my local mall at the Bra Store when I was 16. I worked full time while still in High School and living with my Duste. I worked there until my senior year when I accepted a co-op position in a major company’s office at 18. After High School I enrolled in a local community college for two years. While in Collage I worked full time at my grandmother’s day care. Once I graduated I began my job search for another office job. It took some time but I was able to secure a front office position at a local non-for-profit, where I have worked for 10 years.

The long road--

In these 10 years there have been a lot of ups and downs naturally. Having this job has meant we could take several vacations, were able to shape our house into our dream home, allowed me to be by my loved ones sides when time has come to an end for them and be there for the birth of both my nephews! These reliable paychecks help secure me with a house of my own, gotten me out of debt years early with my student loans, paid off an emergency ac/heating unit and numerous credit cards.

I have worked with people who have help shape me as an adult. Co-workers who have help guide me through a lot of grown up situations allowing me to flourish into the person I am now. Along the way I have met people who have tested my patience, my understanding and my character but through it all I have learned and grown.

As I near the end of this journey I can look back with admiration for all this position has taught me!

New Phase--

Now on to a new stage in my life, in our life…becoming a mother and getting the opportunity to stay at home with our child! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Preparing for baby….


We are trying for our one and only in 2015!

With the assistance of Dr. Donahue from Family Beginnings in Greenwood Indiana and a donor from California Cyrobank we are going to start our journey in January!

I am tracking my ovulation and having blood work done next week. With fingers crossed everything comes back ok and no fertility drugs are needed.

This is really about to happen!! We are so excited we are talking baby names!

My two week countdown started this week at my job—after 10yrs of working for this company. I am feeling less worried and more excited! I have everything secured in our budget and we are ready to live on just one income.

The last stage of home improvements is under way and things are moving right along!

Exciting changes for the Eggers’! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My 3rd Marriage

With all the changes and legal issues we have had to get married 3 times. The first time was in October. The date we picked and the day we had the ceremony witnessed by our family and friends. The second time was in June when Indiana had a brief moment of clarity. This will be the third and hopefully finally time. The reason we have to do it yet again is because the marriage license we received in June has male/female and because of that it is invalid. Yeah, I thought it was just a technicality to get our money yet again but we will do it, what other choice do we have?

At the start of next year I will be on my wife’s insurance, like a real life married couple! That may sound silly to most but I am super excited about it! I am sad I will no longer have my “Obama Care” Insurance as it is AWESOME but with the new laws in place I have to. (Have I mentioned I am super excited to?)
However, it seems my new insurance is pretty good as well!

Woohoo!! Excited to be a real married couple who have the same insurance and file taxes together!

Oh—it’s the little things!