Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Eve and Surgery #3

Tomorrow is New Year Eve and I will be in the hospital having surgery #3 to remove a desmoid tumor. It is still in basically the same place, hip area on my right leg. This time it is more on the back and side area. I have to admit I am a little nervous about what I am going to wake up to—vain or not I am worried about the way my butt is going to look. The good news it is fatty there and hopefully any indents will fill themselves in over time.

I am calm so far but if I remember last time correctly I was calm and the nerves didn’t start kicking in until the hospital. Sitting in that little room, so brightly lit for as early in the morning it is, waiting for them to walk me back to the operating room; that much waiting would have anyone’s nerves on edge. This time around I have anxiety meds so that should help. 

I feel like a prisoner on death row the night before surgery, having my last meal. I never know if I will have an appetite after surgery. So, the last few days leading up to the last night I have all my favorite things and anything I am craving. All diets go right out the window.  It’s crazy really. It’s not like I’m never going to eat again….

I also have a surgery hair style. I wear it up in a high, but tight, messy bun. This way it is out of the way the first few days when I am feeling the worse.  I don’t have to worry what it looks like when I am at the hospital or at home when people come to visit. That is the great thing about a messy bun; it is supposed to look that way, even after days of having it up.

So here I go again, maybe this time will be the last…..

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