Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prepping for Surgery—taking an active role!

First step—figure out how to save more money monthly because surgery is expensive and I need Duste to stay home and take care of me.

Phone/Internet—was paying near $63. I called company and explained I needed to lower my bill. The phone could not be lower as it is $25 so they gave the internet to me for half price. Saved $20.

              NetFlix/Newspaper—canceled both. Saved $15.59

              Cell Phone—cancelled Duste’s cell service for now. Saved $35

Cable—I did the same thing I did with the phone company. I got the bill lowered and now we are saving $52.

                                   Total Monthly Savings--$ 123!!! I call that success!

 Second Step—cook, cook, cook so I can have homemade prepared meals ready to go in the Freezer.

                       Post-Surgery Menu

                        Taco Soup—made with ground turkey
                   Beef veggie soup
                   Super Stuffing for baked taters
                   Cheesy Sausage Casserole
                   Veggie Pizza

I cannot change the fact I have to have surgery but I can get myself, my life, my budget prepared for the inevitable.

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  1. your thinking ahead and plabbing, thats your greatest weapon thats your sword in this war. you are an incredible woman, and an example to women everywhere.