Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 has been an interesting year.

We lost our dog of 12yrs; we adopted our new baby at 7wks. Duste’s dad had some close calls with his health but now he feels better than he has in many years.  Duste career didn’t go as planned, but we are keeping the faith that 2013 will work out for us. We have been truly blessed to have had this time together; I feel so close to her. Words cannot begin to describe how thankful and lucky I feel. We have made a beautiful home together; it has really come a long way this year. More planed next year but we are nearing the end. For me personally I feel more stable and secure than I ever have. It feels great to let go and focus on me and mine!

I may not know what the future holds for me but I do know without a doubt Duste will always be there and that is enough. We can have hopes and dreams but we will always have each other.

My health has been an interesting issue this year—I have developed more pain in my joints and muscles and my exhaustion has increased. I have developed a 3rd tumor and it will be removed the end of this year. I hope 2013 brings answers to some of the mysteries for me but either way I will keep on keeping on—yeah, I so just typed that! Ha!

My wishes for 2013:

I am wishing for Duste to have a wonderful secure job making it possible for me to stay home and therefore start planning a family of our own.

I am wishing for near perfection with the house, reaching complete perfection in the next year.

Good health and happiness for both of us, for Duste’s sake.

Stability—I love stability.

Of course if we lose a few pounds that wouldn’t be bad either!


Here’s to another interesting year—that is, if it doesn’t end on Friday 21st!

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  1. The lights make me happy. The ones on the tree don't glow nearly as bright as the ones in your eyes..