Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Time Blues

It started with decorating the new front porch and putting up the tree—it spread from there. Now the living room windows, stairs and doorways and flows into the dining room. Holiday cheer continues over the window, on the table, doorways and fireplace mantel and into the kitchen. Above the cabinets, around the window, on the door and a table runner on the bar, bright and sparkly red and gold! It is now spreading to the bathroom; it started with the toilet seat. The house looks so happy dressed up!
Surround yourself with bright, shiny, shimmery things when the world outside is dull and cold.
Next step is to make your home snugly warm, add a comfy couch, warm socks and fuzzy pj’s and don’t forget your over sized blanket. Now settle down and watch funny movies! Anything that brings a smile to your face and a giggle from your lips will do! Hell, you might as well take a nap or two!


This is the cure for the winter time blues!

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  1. One Love. One Heart. Lets Get Together and feel alright.
    BoB Marley