Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out of the Hospital

Duste waiting with me--almost time!
Waking up after surgery
Yuck--a drain!
First meal!

Ivy keeping me company while I lay in bed at home!


  1. you are so sweet and heavenly sleeping like a baby.

  2. In the top photo you see me fat and happy and completly in love. this is in the tiny room waiting for surgery.
    Pic 2:(waking up after surgery) Talisa is wacked out of her mind on drugs. She was never quiet and only still long enought to take this pic. She was flopping around like a fish speaking in jibberish scratching at her face pulling at her hair and reaching for me to hold her. You would never believe it to look at her. but believe me i was there.

  3. Pic 3. the evil accordion. kinked and to later explode a 2 liter full of blood everywhere.
    pic 4: eating like a farmhand.
    pic:5 angel Ivy happy mommy is home