Thursday, December 20, 2012

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!

But wait, I don’t want Christmas to come! Duste said she will postpone Christmas, hold the calendar but I don’t think everyone will go for that. Not to sound like a baby but once Christmas time comes then my surgery will come too soon.  L

I am not looking forward to it but who would be right. The worst part for me is the waking up after—not knowing what to expect. But I have a plan, I have my big girl panties and I have Duste—I will be ok.

Now if the Doctor would just call back so I can talk to him about my plan. Since this is my third time I know what my body needs. It is sad but yes, I am getting good at this. I want my epidural, those are great, and my catheter put in before I wake up. Then I want control of the pain meds they are pushing in my body. I do not take well to the meds and usually go without once I have control of them.

My goal is to only be in the hospital one night—this can be achieved if they let me have control of the pain meds.  

Surgery Plan
Surgery Day

Epidural with Catheter—put in before I wake up
I have control of pain meds being pumped into my body

2nd Day

Take out catheter and epidural—in that order, early.
Switch over to pain pills if needed.

It may seem like I am a control freak but it is for the best of my body. I have one goal and that is to get out in one night and that is in everyone’s best interest. Ha!  Duste and the Dr will have a copy of this so we should all be on the same page.

Being home in the care of Duste is so much better than being in the hospital. She takes very good care of me, better than any hospital staff. I just love her!

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  1. we are in this together. Ive always got your back we are a team.