Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making Short Term Disability work for you—

Disability at my work --you get a fraction of what you would normal bring home. Oh and the best part, the first week you are off you get nothing. But I am so thankful we have it and I am able to take advantage of it!

Disability is paid in the month it is used—this would be helpful for January Bills.

Any time I work in January would be on my February check—not helpful for January Bills.

So, after stressing over it for two days I have decided to pay January’s bills out of savings then as I get disability checks they will go to pay back the savings acct. In the end, it should all come out in the wash!

Shew—glad I got that solved.

It’s so exhausting to deal with both personal and work life.

Speaking of exhausting—I am finding it hard to get off the couch after work. I feel like I could just sleep my life away. I have started taking lots of vitamins to help build my immune system and to give me a much needed boost. Unfortunately it takes 3wk or more to start seeing results.

I am taking a Multivitamin, B12, B50 and Vitamin C. I take the B50 and Vitamin C 3xs a day.  So far it’s been a week—so two more to go! I hope this helps, I could really use some more energy!

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  1. talk about a pocket full of pills! your bound to lose weight, after all those pills ... who has room for dinner?