Monday, December 10, 2012

My love My Life My World

I’m 29 exhausted most of the time, have constant pain and have anxiety/depression issues. All this leads me to be cranky at times. But my baby stays by my side. I don’t have to be perfect, smile and be the life of the party, she loves me anyway. She is caring, loving, understanding and she is always there.

 Sometimes I whine, complain and act like a baby. Most mornings it takes 15mins or longer to get me out of bed, sometimes it takes that long to get me off the couch at night. I nap often, sometimes with no warning at all. She does her best to make sure I get to work on time and left alone for my nap time.

I am needy, lonely, moody and opinionated—but she puts up with it all.

I don’t know how she does it, putting up with me has to be a hard thing to do but she does it with a smile on her face. She has nursed me through 2 surgeries and soon to be a 3rd. She is the only one I want with me when things get bad, sometimes just to be in the room is all the comfort I need.

She is amazingly strong, amazingly soft and very dedicated to our love.

  She worries too much about me, my health, my well being. She gets herself so upset with the what-ifs. But these episodes come infrequently because I throw a fit until she stops—ha!

I love you Duste Alijane Eggers! You are my world!


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  1. your words are kind, but i don't feel ive earned your praise. I just love you the best i can.