Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pure Love

It could just be the brain chemistry pills finally taking full effect but I think 2013 is going to be a wonderful year! They always say, life is what you make it and we are going to make it wonderful!

We have some big plans and big changes coming up in 2013 that I think will shock and surprise everyone! It is going to be AWESOME!!! Being the planner that I am, plans have started but nothing will be announced just yet.

Happy Happy Joy Joy !

I did not think it was possible but Duste and I have truly become closer in the time we have had together this past year. It is hard to explain really but our souls really connected. At the same time I let go, I stopped holding myself back. That was one thing that helped to bring us closer and all the time we have had together. I was never holding back with Duste but I was always holding back when it came to everyone else. I worried too much what people thought and I am passed that now. There is nothing wrong with our love, in most cases it is stronger than others I know who are in marriages and have been for years. So get ready, 2013 is going to show the real me, no more hiding. My love, our love is real. Like it or not. We deserve what everyone else in love does and we aren’t going to sit around and wait for it, we are going to take it! We don’t care who likes it or agrees with it. Life is too short, open your eyes people and step out of your little box. The worlds a big place when you let your heart open up!

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  1. You are a golden bird who has left her cage forever to fly free.