Saturday, January 31, 2015


Ovarian Ultrasound—

The results are in—I have 4 follicles! Three on the Left and one on the Right. Follicle sizes are:
Right side: 15
Left Side: 20, 21, 14
The doctor said she expects the 15 to be an 18 on the day of the IUI and maybe the 14 to make it too! My personal goal was to have at least two—one of each side because I figured that would increase our chances if we had an egg in each fallopian tube.
Our second IUI is scheduled for this Saturday January 31st at 9:30 am!! Super excited!! This could be it!!

Other News:

Blood work— I am still waiting for all the results of my blood work. So far the only thing found is I am deficient in Vitamin D but just by a little. Carolyn, at Natural Choices, says what I am currently taking is enough to supplement this. She is still very interested in seeing the complete results.

In-laws—it was moving day for the in-laws over the weekend. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but moving is never fun. Now, all most a week later, we have them settled in with just a few more finishing touches needed. I got the main rooms decorated, complete with area rugs and the wife got the blinds, smoke detectors and C2O meter hung. It’s been exhausting but it’s all coming together very well! 

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