Sunday, January 4, 2015

Preparing for our IUI Journey....

As we near the start of our first IUI journey emotions are running high. I don’t allow myself to think about it too much, knowing all the thinking I will be doing during the two week wait. In fact, I have saved some deep cleaning chores and visits with my wonderful Brenda May just for this reason.

A few thoughts running through my head:
The heartbreak I will feel deep in my soul if I start my period. Not looking forward to that let down.

Now on the other end of that—if I don’t start my period, worrying throughout the first trimester that I will miscarry. Then I am sure I will worry that something could go wrong beyond this point. I don’t know how women do it! The worry doesn’t stop there, then you have to worry about the mystery of SIDS!!

I’m exhausted from all this worry I haven’t started worrying about yet!

So—it’s time to push away the worry and focus on the positive. The truth is most, if not all, of this is out of my control, which is why I worry about it. I have to let go and just go with it, focusing on the positive as I go! Positive thoughts, Positive thinking…..

Keep in mind here, I am close to being fully off my Anxiety/Depression meds now.

Although I have been extremely predictable on my ovulation I continue to monitor for hopefully my last month. Currently I am being woke up early every morning by my wife shaking me and saying “Wake up and Pee on a Stick!” There is something unnatural about getting up before the sun does!

The wife is going above and beyond by feeding me healthy fertility foods/meals. She also has a list of Healthy Pregnancy foods and I am sure she will soon have a breastfeeding meal list! She is so sweet!

For Christmas she got me a Fertility Spell Necklace and a Fertility IUI Bracelet, we are doing everything we can for success! You can’t just rely on Science only, at least we can’t! 

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