Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Future is so bright I have to wear shades!

After a mini melt down about hair loss—yea I have those every now and then! I decided to get a blood test, a full work up! I talked to Carolyn that runs the natural foods in town, I have been working with her over the years on a more natural approach to my health, and she suggested a few more in depth test for my thyroid. 

Off to the doctor I went with the list in hand and because I have an amazing Family Doctor he listened to all my concerns. Not only did he order the test I had listed he also order a few more. He wants to get the complete picture of my health since we are trying for a baby.  

I am super excited to get a complete picture of my health! Finally I will have answers and better yet, solutions to make me feel 100% again!

On the same morning I talked to my Baby Doctor and we have a new plan. (Have I mentioned how I love plans?) We are going to do a scan to insure a mature egg a few days before ovulation and better monitor my ovulation. 

So our next IUI will give us an even higher chance of success!!

 –We are so excited—

Things are off to a great start this week and it’s only Tuesday!! 

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