Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Failed IUI #1—

Well there you have it. First attempt failed. I got my period a day early so I didn’t waste a pregnancy test.

Breaking the news to my very excited, supportive wife isn’t something I was looking forward to, but she took it well-she just said that’s ok we will try again. How amazing is that?! I think I took it fairly well. I mean it is what it is. My heart sank but I just picked it back up and put it back where it was supposed to be. 

Instead of drowning myself with pity I treated myself.

For the first time in two weeks I worked out with out worry. I didn't have to worry about my temperature being too high, I simply worked out—enjoying every bead of sweat.  Then I came home and took an amazingly hot bath and for dinner I had chili dogs…Awe the glories of hot dogs! Over the weekend I also indulged in cheese burgers and enjoyed every bite! We also turned up the hot tub and will be enjoying evening soaking!

We have decide to try again immediately! This time we will make a baby! 

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