Monday, February 25, 2013

Window Shopping

About 3 yrs ago we got new furniture, a love seat that rocked and a couch with a middle pull down tray with drink holders. We were so in love! However, the problem was we bought it from an Affordable Furniture place. The first year was amazing. Then the fabric started wearing in a not very nice lint ball kind of way, next one recliner back broke. After that it seemed everything, little by little started breaking. We called them out and they fixed it but it broke again within a few months.

So Saturday we went window shopping at a very high end furniture place. They were having great sales and for a little more than we paid 3 years ago we got a new durable love seat and couch! We are so excited! This Saturday it gets delivered—which we got for free.

This purchase cuts us close, as unplanned as it was, but with the checks Duste is getting now we should have our saving back up before too long. Let’s not forget about the slow returns we have coming, which will give us a little extra after we pay for vacation.  I love to see money in the savings acct and to have it so low has me a little freaked out.  But I know it will all work out—in the long run!

 I justify needing new furniture because we are the house of family events and on these days we need lots of seating. If it was just Duste and I, it would have waited and we could have lived with it. As our old furniture was you could not use one spot and the other was on its way to that state. Easter IS just around the corner!!

I suppose I should go on and on about how excited I am for SPRING again should I?


Happy Days Everyone!!

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  1. Happy Sitting! May your Ass give a little sight and smile everytime you sit down, I know mine will.