Monday, February 11, 2013

Enter your love story contest—

A Summary of our love story....

We met years ago as children, her mom and my grandma-with whom I lived with-went to church together. Our parents formed a group, which gave us lots of time together. She was older than me by 4 years so once we got old enough our parents left us home alone together. At first we started out as friends but as we aged and our hormones changed so did our feelings for each other. We hid behind the words Best Friends but we knew it was more. We spent every waking moment we could with each other and soon our parents started using our time together against us. I would often get grounded, not from things but from her. We were smarter than that however and always found a way to be together—even if it meant when her mom was gone we would hide the car away from the house and walk back, just to be together.

As the years went on we both tried to have other relationships but always preferred our time together. We would often be too busy for our relationships with others but always found the time to sneak off together! We then decided to move in together and hid behind the Roommates title. The others we dated could not compare to or compete with the love we had for each other. Years of this went on, neither of us truly happy with our lives outside our time together until we decided to stop dating others.

It didn’t take long for the one bedroom to turn into the spare but outside the house we were still just Roommates. One step at a time we came out of the closet and have never been happier! We now own a home together, share a bank account, are planning a wedding and a family. We have been exclusive for 9 years now and we are truly happy with each other and our lives together.

 I am so glad I followed my heart and was able to open my eyes to see what would truly make me happy!

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  1. you constantly surprize me,with your ever growing heart..and just when i don't think its possible i find myself deeper in love with you.