Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeling great and doing great!

I am happy to report things are going great with our lifestyle change! We are eating yummy new foods and we are watching our calories. I don’t want any of these new recipes to be lost, so I’m keeping an Album of each meal with total calories. As soon as I get a nice collection of these I will share. It is important to realize a lifestyle change does not have to mean less desirable foods!   We have currently lost 5lbs each!  We are well on our way!
Since I have only been drinking water my face has cleared up, for the first time in years! I am currently off the antibiotics, first time since I was 16! Water is doing wonders! Oh, and I am even happier to say the detox is done--shew, thank goodness! 
My tumor free leg feels great! No pain no problems and thanks to my personal trainer and working out 6 days a week, it is getting stronger!

My new schedule at work is allowing for more sleep time two days a week, which is wonderful! I love it! I really should have done this long ago!

We have our first trip of 2013 planned! This time we are going to the Michigan side of the Dunes and staying in a little town called Lakeside. Of course I got a cottage with a lake view on a private beach—it is all about the atmosphere! It is only an extra hour on the road and we love to go new places! We are travelers at heart and the best way to keep us happy is to take a few trips a year. Travel makes our hearts happy and our souls breathe! It’s nice to have a warm sunny beach to look forward to on these cold dark days of February.

Like I said a few post back we are working on some life altering changes—I am making 2013 our year! So excited!!

                                                     Hope everyone has a wonderful 2nd week of February!!

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  1. humm you sound like a woman in love with your new life.