Friday, February 15, 2013

Castle of White Review—

As we pulled in we noticed the parking lot was full and there was a line inside the door. Once we got in and gave our names they insisted on taking our pictures in front of a giant heart hung on the wall—reminded me a lot of the prison pictures I used to take with my dad. These pictures will be available at some point on their website. Then they seated us, our table was decorated with table cloth and cute centerpieces complete with a lit candle. There were menu’s printed out on each side of the table and a waitress showed up to take your order. There were complimentary appetizers’ and dessert. We both had a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for $13. It was interesting and fun but I’m not sure this will become our Valentine’s Day tradition.
My valentine really made me feel special this year. I got balloons and cute things for me desk on Tuesday. On Wednesday I got Valentine’s Day flowers for the house and small bag of my favorite white chocolate and on Thursday I got pink tulips.  On Wednesday I made my valentine 150 calorie Chocolate Mousse and dried Strawberries. I feel loved and special everyday but this one day she goes above and beyond to make sure!

We didn’t win the Valentine’s Day give away with our love story. Some typical boy meets girl and then god comes in story did—so expected for this county in Indiana. Maybe one day people here will realize a love story doesn’t always
have to involve a penis and a vagina, maybe.


The good news—February is half over and that means we are a little closer to SPRING! So excited to decorate the porch!



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  1. I think your love story was the best! your love story goes on and on...