Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Dreamin'!

I’ve got the itch—

The itch to landscape and make my yard look pretty again! It’s killing me to wait another month! A month from today is SPRING!! I cannot wait to get my porch decorated and to get the yard back in shape! Summer and spring is so much work, we have a very large yard and it seems there is always something to be done and I am never satisfied with the cuteness.  The yard is just too big for me, that is the problem, so I focus on smaller sections. This year we are redoing the fire pit area. It needs some major help.

The plan is to lay a base of sand, then easy to walk on rock with a wood boarder that will level it out. Then we will have the fire in the middle and the chairs in a circle around it. This will be on the side of the porch and the question is do we open up the end of the porch to have access to this area from there or not. I was also thinking of doing this same type of design around the outside table. Maybe with some solar lights and plants around….

I also want to do something about the chicken coop—the current layout isn’t working. I am thinking we need to move the pool that is in ground, closer to the downspout. This project is still in the beginning stages! (As in I am still thinking about what needs to be done)

Maybe next year we can do something around the pool—that is another eye sore area in the yard.


I can’t wait for warmer weather and sun shine!

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  1. Ok. sweet Spring daydreamer, just wait a little longer.. never plant until after mothersday!