Friday, February 1, 2013

Working again....

It’s the end of my first week back to work and things have gone nicely. Starting next wk—the beginning of Feb—I will be decreasing my hours at work! It’s only 3 hours less but I am super excited! This means I will be able to sleep in on Tuesday and Thursday! Plus I will be able to go to personal training before going to work and won’t have to use any of leave time! I’m sold!

Went to the doctor on my day off this week—a new doctor who is trying to figure out what is wrong with me. (Tiredness and joint pain)  He says one set of blood work shows I have a virus. This virus mutated from the mono virus I had in high school, some 10 years ago. It is not contagious but I will always have it. Unlike mono, it does not make me tired all the time. It flares up when I am stressed, sick or sometimes for no reason at all. I am tired because I don’t get REM sleep when this is acting up. That is why when I wake up I feel like I have only slept a few minutes and I can never get enough sleep. He also said it changes the way I deal with stress. Most people’s brain releases endorphins, I instead get tired. Something I have dealt with since I was in high school. He took another 8 tubes of blood and is checking out all my vitamin levels. He is going to do the best he can to make me feel better and keep this virus from flaring up as often.

I am so thankful to have a doctor that is listening to me and took me seriously!

Have I mentioned the new 2013 plans for the house—

Replace remaining 3 windows; redo basement window
Install support ceiling in two rooms.
Replace Fuse box
Rewire Pool Filter
Fire pit project

I would love to get the house painted and the drive way fixed this year but we will see!

Our Miss Ivy Rose is coming along well. She has received lots of training, loves agility class and daycare. She is 9 months old now and still moms cuddle bug! She has lots of energy that has not changed. She keeps up busy and that is helping in our weight loss goals! She is our dog for sure!


Have a Happy February!!
A Indiana February in 1978

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  1. most people with a condition like yours would crawl in a junkfood hole and feel sorry for themselves.

    Not you, you stand up and fight it. the world needs more women like you.