Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Meat!!

Do you know how/where your meat lived?

We do because we buy our meat from Schacht Farms. www.schachtfarm.com
Our beef, pork and chicken are raised healthy and happy eating what they are meant to and grazing on the land. Good meat that is Good for us!

It is everyone’s responsibility if you must eat meat—eating our animal friends is wrong—the least you can do is eat the ones that had a healthy and happy life!

Chickens are allowed the freedom to walk around and peck at bugs and plants all they wish. They are not confined to cages with 6 other chickens, no room to walk or spread their wings and cages stacked on top and under them. This is exactly the condition of most store bought meat and egg laying chickens. The chickens on Schacht Farm are fed local grown grain and organic kelp. No hormones for these chickens!

As is the case with all their animals, the pigs are in an environment that most allows them to display their species specific habits, which in the case of pigs means grazing, rooting and wallowing. The pigs graze over
pastures, taking in large amounts of grass and legumes. They also get a daily treat of whatever is in season including pumpkins, hickory nuts, walnuts, seconds from the garden, wind fallen apples and so on. Locally grown grain and organic supplements are also provided for the pigs.

Cows are give access to many pastures. Because of this they thrive without the use of chemicals of any kind. They are fattened on pasture by grazing, not in a feedlot being fed grain. Most beef you buy in all stores are from cows crammed in a small space, unable to walk, with no access to grass. Instead they are offered grain feed 24 hours a day. This insures they will get big and fat faster and turn over for these companies are quicker. But because these cows are only fed grain and not allowed to graze they are sick, which is where the chemicals come in. They are also fed growth hormones to make them bigger, which mean more meat and more money. If they are not butchered as quickly as they are they will get sick and die. Their muscles break down making standing impossible and their organs begin to fail. All of this because America wants their beef fast and cheap. There are no studies showing the lasting effects on our bodies from eating this meat with all of these chemicals and hormones.

I recommend watching the documentaries: The Natural History of the Chicken, Fast Food Nation and King Corn.

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