Monday, April 19, 2010

Did You Know?

Do you know where your Milk comes from?
At 15 months old, a female calf is a cow. Cows reach maturity in about 12 months. That’s important to the dairy industry. To make sure a cow makes milk, it is kept pregnant its whole adult life. We would like to think of a dairy cow peacefully munching grass in a meadow. But that is not how most dairy cows are raised. Most cows have a number, not a name. Almost all dairy cows are raised in factories where they’re fed a surplus of corn and soy—not the grass that is a cow’s natural food. A cow is built to digest grasses, with a stomach divided into four parts, which we call being a ruminant. Eating corn and soy and being crowded in a factory makes for problems for a cow. Factory cows get more diseases, so they are medicated constantly. Their food includes drugs like antibiotics and hormones. They also get gas, which can hurt their 4-part stomachs. Factory cows live from 3-4 years before they die. Cows that eat grasses in meadows live and produce milk for up to 20 years. They’re ones farmers name and don’t number.

Cows that are in a factory like setting are so over milked their utters get sore and infected. That is why when you buy milk from these companies, which is mostly what you find at convenient stores and Walmart, it has pus and blood in it. Ewww!

I currently drink Horizon Organic Milk but I am looking into buying from a local dairy farm because I have trust issues with people and places I can not see. It is a fact most companies slap on the Organic label just so they can charge us more money—and I don’t like to spend money. So, if I am going to spend more for something then I better have proof it is the real thing. I will keep you posted on my finding!
I recommend everyone watch Go Further!

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