Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food, Inc.

Did you catch the TV debut of Food, Inc on PBS last night?
If not, then I would recommend you see it!

It is a lot like the other documentaries I have recommended--an eye opener for what "they" don't want us to know. It also brings to light how out of touch we are with our food. That boneless skinless chicken breast was a living and breathing chicken!! I know it is easier not to know sometimes but that is a childish approach to things. It’s our responsibility to know where our food comes from. We can not trust those pictures on the label. We can not trust that the FDA has our best interest at heart because they don’t. Now everyone is motivated by money. It is amazing how low the food standards can be for the right price. Our Fast Food Companies are running our food supply and that is a terrible thing. They want food fast and cheap and they don’t care about quality. Quantity over Quality is bad, especially when it comes to our food!
Sometimes I feel everyone is asleep but a handful of us. No one can be paying attention or this would not be happening! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! This is what you are feeding your children, family and friends! This is why we have an over weight issue, this is why diabetes has taken over; this is the reason behind many health issues! Our food should not be engineered by scientist but grown by farmers! It is not natural for food to last months or years on our shelves or in our refrigerator—those are chemicals keeping that food from spoiling. Chemicals you are ingesting in your body with out knowing the consequences!

That chicken in your frig right now has been thru so much abuse before getting to your table. It lived in a chicken house with no windows or fresh air with thousands of others. It could barely walk after eating a diet of growth hormones and corn. In the middle of the night people come and throw it in a small cage with several other chickens and that is that. Its life is over after only a month, never seeing the sun or the chance to peck in the grass. Cow and pigs aren’t treated any better. Forced to eat corn and growth hormones and never getting to graze. You don’t realize what is taking place when they are butchered or what exactly is in your meat and that is how they want to keep it. If people demanded to know then maybe all this would change. Ignoring this will not make it go away—educate your self and then let’s do something about it!

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