Thursday, April 22, 2010


 Documentaries you should see--a mixture of uplifting, thought provoking and concerning eye openers!

The Dirt on Farmer John / Food, Inc / Fast Food Nation
 King Corn / Go Further / Gender Rebel / Modify
America the Beautiful / The Natural History of the Chicken
Commune / No Impact Man / Capitalism: A Love Story 
Crazy Love / Dear Zachary / The Business of Being Born
51 Birch Street / Capturing the Friedmans / Dark Days
The Bridge / My Kid Could Paint That / Born into Brothels 
Sicko / Jesus Camp / The Beautiful Truth

Do you recommend one that is not on this list? Please leave a comment with the title and I will check it out! Happy watching and learning!


  1. Hello Talisa, how u r doing? i got your blog address on acor listserv. I`m from Brazil and have desmoid on my neck. Im taking high dose of chemo. Are u free of desmoids? Did you make part of any clinical trials in US? Keep happy!!! Alexandra

  2. Hello Alexandra, so sorry to hear about your desmoid. I wish you the best in your fight. I am currently tumor free after having two removed from my right thigh/hip area. I go for my MRI check up next week so we will know for sure then! It has been two years since my second surgery. I have updated my blog--if you click years/months to the left you can see everything I have posted. I do not take part of the clinical trials, as I do hope to become pregnant in the near future and dont want to take a chance. Keep me posted!