Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Projects are in full swing!

We will be adding some plants this year—a pop of color off the back porch and Duste wants to try her hand at a black berry patch.

 A new Fire Pit area is being built, a nice landing nest for our outside table will be next and hopefully we will be able to squeeze in a foundation for our pool as well! Of course there are also the remaining old windows that will be replaced as soon as the temps get into the 70’s.

Our goal is to get all the little things done and out of the way so we can save up for the big jobs and get them done this year as well. It is always a race with the calendar and a battle with the savings acct but we are determined to get as much as we can done as quickly as we can! The goals has always been once we get our house the way we want it we want to start making extra house payments—I hate debt! That is why we got my student loans paid off with in 5 yrs and all the things I bought on 6 months or a year same as cash was always paid off in that time frame. I am a bit aggressive I guess—but in a good way! Ha!


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