Friday, April 5, 2013

Refinancing….Isn’t the devil!

I know I was shocked too! I finally looked into what refinancing is after a month of my bank calling me. Turns out it is a good thing for us. We can lower our interested rate by more than 3% and, here’s the best part, for $20 more a month we can get our house paid off in half the time! That is right, our mortgage goes up $20 and we have a 15 year mortgage and yes it is a fixed rate! (And there is no penalty for early pay offs!) That means when I am 45 and Duste 49 our home will be PAID OFF!! As a bonus we get to skip June’s house payment, which will be going into savings! Yay!

I am so glad we get to take advantage of this—it’s a promotion our bank is putting on for a limited time that requires no application fee, no closing cost and no appraisal. It couldn’t be easier! We sign some papers and it done!

--happy dance—

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