Monday, April 8, 2013

Feeling the love

Sometimes while just sitting next to my sweet Duste, the feeling overwhelms me. Nothing special needs to be said, nothing big needs to be done—sometimes the feeling takes over while sitting at the table having dinner. I am so lucky!

 I am so lucky to have this wonderful person next to me. Someone who loves completely, someone who supports me without limits, someone who isn’t using me, or acting. Someone I can let my guard down with, someone who knows me and loves me—all of me. Someone I can rely on, someone I can trust without a shadow of a doubt. She would never hurt me, lie to me, use me or betray me. We are truly connected deeper than anyone else—it doesn’t take marriage or a child to hold us together, our souls will always be connected, tangled together as one. Death will not be able to keep us apart; our love has lasted far more than this life time and will continue to go on after.

Because we have this deep connection we are able to create this wonderful life together. Our goals always moving together like an old river that has flowed since time began. We have a beautiful life and a beautiful home together—we are truly blessed!

The love we feel for each other is not only shown by the smiles on our faces, and the little touches between us but also by our home. The way we take care of it, so it can last—a standing tribute of our love. The way our home makes you feel and the energy it gives off. Those walls have only known love since we have been there. They are like sponges sucking up the energy we put out and holding on to it for times to come. All the laughing, all the singing, all the dancing--all the joyous noises of love being made there: a true testament of our undying, ever growing love.

I wish we could always stay in our love cocoon, never leave to face the outside world and its stresses.
We are still school girls wanting to stay home together—it doesn’t matter as long as we are together.


Blessed are we !

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  1. Reading this made my day.... made me cry then smile and fall in love all over again.