Monday, April 1, 2013

60 day update

On average I drink 120oz of liquid, 32 of which is not plain water. I drink at least 3 glasses of green tea a day and one homemade pop at dinner. (Made with the Soda Stream with real sugar no caffeine and only 35 calories) Duste we are sure averages more water than me but does not keep count and she is also drinking green tea and a homemade pop.

We have continued counting calories and have stayed around 1,200 calories in a day. We are eating very well with fresh fruits and veggies. We still eat rice, pasta and bread but only whole grain. We are eating more dairy but at least 2% and low fat. We have continued making our lunches ahead for the week on Sunday and are still freezing healthy meals for easy dinner options during the week. Currently we eat one pre-cooked frozen meal and one homemade meal a week. (Alternating eating the left over’s for two days and going out one) During the weekend we typically eat home cooking but do sometimes pick up something healthy and low in calories. (Hard to find but it can be done)

I am still working out 6xs a week—4xs at home on the Wii Active and 2x’s with my personal trainer, averaging 30mins each. I will also walk the building where I work and do the stair cases a few times a day. I try to burn 2,000 calories a day—very hard to do with a desk job. Duste burns over 2,000 calories a day with her more physical factory job. We are still waiting for Indiana weather to break so we can enjoy more outdoor time with our wonderful Ivy Rose.

We are sticking with our evening routine and getting as much sleep as we can—an important part of losing weight that most over look. I’m not sure how well we will deal with the sun being up until almost 10pm in the summer. (Thank you day light savings time)

A big challenge is coming up—holiday cooking. But with some planning I think I have made some good adjustments to what I would normally be cooking. We will be having roasted veggies—150 calories for a cup, Roasted Chicken—100 calories for 3 oz, Cole Slaw—100 calories for a cup, and healthier mac-n-cheese—300 calories per serving. I am also making a Angel Food cake with Pineapple and some mini birds nest. It will be a healthier Easter for sure! *update—we each only ate 400 calories at Easter Lunch!*

The Results are in—

 Duste has lost a total of 25lbs and 10inches and I have lost 22lbs and 10 inches—half of those on my waist!

It looks like our 90day challenge is going to turn into a 6 month challenge! I can’t wait to see where we are by then!

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  1. I have never felt better in my life! lets live like this forever! Duste :)