Thursday, May 15, 2014

Skin Care in your early 30’s!

Battling bags, dark circles, crow’s feet and white skin along with acne!

Ahh….to be 30! I did not think I would still be dealing with acne at this age nor did I ever think bags, dark circles and crow’s feet were in my future. However, I assume my natural light completion would always be an issue!

First let’s start with acne, as I know a lot about this since I have been dealing with it so long!

Currently I use Bio Elements for my face wash and acne treatment.

Blemish control


However, my esthetician informed me she will be opening her own spa and selling a different product so I am beginning my switch to the Image Acne Line—Clear Cell!

I also use the banana method which I have written about before. I use it once a day, at night and sleep with it on my face—after I do my daily routine listed above.

Of course also washing pillow cases once a week and not sleeping with the hands on my face is on going as well.

Very Pale Completion—Tanning beds no longer an option.

There are several reasons I no longer go to the tanning bed, of course the health reasons and financial commitments. I am a thrift girl. I do not like to waste my money so this causes an ongoing problem when it comes to tanning. I buy a monthly package, calculate how many times I have to go to get my money’s worth, then add in up keep to maintain the new glow, lotions and before you know it you are wasting a lot of money and energy! So, this year I am giving self tanning a try. I am currently on my second bottle of Jergens. I started with the med-tan in color and use a lotion for my body and a separate one for my acne prone face. I am not as tan as I would be if I went to the tanning bed but it has calmed the blinding whiteness that was my skin color! I do not get streaks or staining on my clothes. I use the body lotion at night, letting it dry before I put on my pjs. I use the face lotion in the morning before I put make up on. I sometimes put extra lotion on my legs when I wear a dress or Capri’s.

A new step in my skin care routine—eye bags/ dark circles and crow’s feet.

I have hereditary circles and bags. They have been there since I can remember but as I teenager I never thought about them much. In my twenties I just covered the best I could with makeup. It took adding in crow’s feet, which I first notice in a picture from Easter, for me to research what to do about it.

I use the Wal-Mart brand eye cream at night under my eye. This is suppose to lighten the appearance of the dark circles, eliminate crow’s feet and help with the puffy’s. It states it takes two weeks to see results. I am on my second week and I think it has lightened the dark places at the inner corner of my eyes.

I also added in Sudden Change under eye serum. It claims to tighten under eye bags in 3 minutes or less. I have to admit I noticed a result right way and so did my sweetie! You use two drops per eye, under/over your makeup or alone. It last all day and truly makes you look well rested! It does have a little shine to it when worn alone. This is just a temporary solution but since my bags are hereditary there isn’t a long term solution for me anyway.

As far as makeup I use Merle Norman’s long lasting foundation. Everything else I get from Wal-Mart. I use brown powder eye shadow for my eyeliner and brow fill in. Having blonde eye brows is a real pain!

Hopefully all I do will help keep my skin happy for many years to come! 

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  1. To me you are a graceful night flower opening slowly and filling my life with wonder sweet perfume. You grow more lovely and beautiful with each passing year. Duste