Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 on track

Five months into 2014 and we are staying the course for our goals this year! We are moving forward with home improvements in a race to the finish! Hopefully we will get a new, installed correctly, roof on the house and we are replacing the ones on the sheds. We are also putting siding on the garages, heat/air in the upstairs and will have a more functional drive way! Operation Debt Free is still underway and moving right along. July will be the next month we get a big one paid off—it will remain open to be our one and only credit card. September and November for the last two that will be promptly closed! Dental credit is awesome to have but in the future we will save up for any dental work the insurance won’t cover

I find financial freedom equal to happiness. It truly lightens the load I feel on my back and hanging over my head! 

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  1. You are financialy in lightened and emotionally free from one of life's biggest stresses