Thursday, May 15, 2014

My weight loss journey

Confessions of a woman trying to stay at a healthy weight!

I have tried many weight loss aids, tricks and outright crazy things to get my weight down and maintained. Over the winter because of extreme cold and some depression issues I gained some of my weight back. Now, I’m back on top and getting more active once again. However, I am not at the extreme as I was last year. I have not drastically cut my calories nor have I gone back to exercising every day.  

We are walking when we can, walking 1-2 miles each time. I have been ordered to walk at least 30mins a day to help my depression but honestly it doesn’t always happen every day nor does it always result in 30mins but more times than not it does. It is hard to fight the urge to get in some comfy clothes and cuddle in bed with my sweetie!

I have learned Peanut Butter is my weakness. I am a peanut butter addict. You know you are an addict when you eat it by the tablespoon full and can finish a large jar in a matter of two days or less. Yes, I have a peanut butter weakness.

I am still drinking water with the help of Lipton Green Tea packets. I have no desire for pop or sweet tea anymore. We are still doing portion control, eating mostly turkey and chicken and whole grain. What diary we do eat is low fat.

What works for me:

IT Works body wraps—I have used two packs, both on my belly. I have lost 2 inches and it stayed off until I started gaining weight over the winter. Now, I’m hopeful I can get those 2 inches off again! I wear mine at night every 3 nights until my 5 pack is finished. I tried wearing it during the day and it caused me to sweat which led to it moving around a lot –even being secured by plastic wrap! When I take it off the next morning I rub in the remaining lotion and let it soak in before I cover myself!

Skinny Fiber—a dietary supplements that is all natural. I have taken the 90 day challenge and lost the majority of my weight with this. It requires you to drink LOTS of water to work best. You take 2-3 pills 1 hour before you eat 2xs a day. For me it was lunch and dinner, it helps by making you feel fuller. It also helps with cravings, energy levels and does not make you feel shaky. It does not have any side effects. I am currently on my second 90 day challenge.

Corset waist training—I ordered a REAL steal bone corset from a legitimate company on line (located in England) that is especially made for this. This is not your wear for a special occasion every once in a while corset. Mine goes under the bust, is the old fashioned lace up in the back kind. It has little to no give and does not boast about being all day comfort. This is a for real corset! I wear it under my night shirt to sleep in. When I was religiously wearing this every night, I had it at its tightest. Now that I am starting over I am working my way up to this point again. On the nights I am not using my IT Works Wraps, I wear this. When I first started training I started slow. 1 hr while watching TV, then a few more and worked my way up to 4hrs which led to sleeping in it. I got to the point I put in on as soon as I got home from work and wore it until the next morning. It is easier than you think to get used to. I like the way it holds in my belly and find even when not wearing it I hold my belly in tightly which works my abs and helps fight this pooch!

Personal Training—for 30 minutes I meet with my personal trainer Kat at Zen Fitness at least once a week. I have slacked off of my once a week classes and am currently scheduling that back in when I can.

So—there is it, all the secrets to my weight loss! 

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  1. Wow! You are the pure model of dedication! Your change in lifestyle will reflect in your waistline