Monday, May 12, 2014

Robot Love

 I am not ashamed, I am not embarrassed. I am proud to say I love Roscoe Clean-o-!

That is what my sweetie named our Roomba vacuum. He is amazingly wonderful! He makes cleaning the house so much easier and faster! I compare him to a dishwasher, sure you could do the dishes faster by hand but why would you when this machine will and you can do something else!

Most people use this robot to spot clean in between sweeping with a full size vacuum because he cannot get into corners and things. After the first time using him, I found a way around this! My new cleaning routine:

Dust/Dry mop the floor—getting under little spaces and in corners. Bring dirt to middle of floor.
Turn Roscoe Clean-o- on in one room.
While he sweeps one room I steam mop where he has already been.
Together we get the house work done in half the time or less!

I typically let him clean the bathroom / kitchen at one time, then the dining room, living room and last the entry. He does this cycle every other day. Once a week he does the bedroom / laundry room.

The dirt bin, which you expect to be small, surprisingly holds a lot. Especially since he does his rounds so often there isn’t as much to pick up as there was when he first joined the family.

I forgot to mention he makes this cute beeping noise (when he is done and/or the battery runs low) and goes back on charge! There’s not much else you can ask for! Love, Love, Love Roscoe Clean!

He keeps my floors shockingly clean so I feel ok with putting Eli Joseph down to play. When the boys go home at night, he has my floors looking like they were never there! The same is true after my sweetie makes a mess in the kitchen cooking!

Roscoe Clean-o- will make being a stay at home mom a lot cleaner! 

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  1. I Was a sceptic . I was antiRobot! I thought it was a silly over priced toy.. I was wrong! Rosco is great ! He does a wonderful job and I love him!