Thursday, July 11, 2013


Working has enabled me to have the life I do. I am able to afford vacations, home improvements and other extras. With us both working again it allows us to work on the house more aggressively. I have the money to have my nails done, my spa days every 6wks, personal training, vacations and tattoo dreams. All these things I am grateful for.


Working has also caused a lot of stress. I work in the mental health field which subjects me to a lot of negativity. What is worse than all that is the people who work here. We have the co-worker who would not think twice about throwing you under the bus to save herself, a Manic Bipolar Betty, a Clueless and Blind Blonde, A big mouth know it all and plenty of negative Nancy’s. These people wear on me and have worn me down after 7 years. It seems the up tightness, the everything is so serious and I must be a part of everything attitude has got worse as my “I don’t give a shit” has taken over. It’s one person that makes the everyday so stressful. I try not to give her that much power but her moods do have an impact on how my day will be. The days she isn’t here are so much more relaxed. You can actually feel the energy change. This is something that has been going on for 7 years but seems to have gotten worse in the last few months. When she gives me a hurdle however, I do step back and come up with a way to get around it, through it or over it; which has caused a lot of the negative energy to be directed at me and not sent out to the entire front office. Trained monkeys are not supposed to think for themselves or problem solve.

What I have learned working here for this long is; I don’t like working with all females. They are moody, unpredictable and most are bad leaders because they lead with their emotions and not their brains. I am the type of person who wants to know the rules. I do not like it when they can be bent or changed or only enforced when the mood hits. Rules are Rules.

I am ready for a change, which is the understatement of the year. Once I get my own insurance January 2014, put in my month notice, I will start looking for a part time job. I want something different. Not an office. Maybe something with Animals, I have worked with people, babies and grownups that were like babies, I have worked retail, office and daycare—now maybe it can be animals!

Like I always say, life it too short to be anything but happy; life is too short to be this stressed and if you’re not happy do something about it—so I am!

The Cummins thing didn’t work out so we took another path. Then the affordable health care act came into play and we focused on that. Duste has a great job that has competitive wages to Cummins we just have to make adjustments to carry me on insurance. Sure we didn’t plan on that but sometimes you need to adjust the sails, redo the plan and carry on!

Everyone deserves to be happy—sometimes it takes work, but it is always better than being unhappy!






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  1. poor and Happy, is better than rich and miserable.