Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Emotional Eating....

During the craziness of Eli at Riley my ceilings were in the process of being re-done. One room was supposed to take 3 days—it took 7. The next room didn’t take as long but they put in longer days. Now my house is covered top to bottom with dry wall dust. In my spare time I need to clean each room from top to bottom and also put everything back in its place. For over a week now we have lived in just a few rooms of the house. Our bedroom has become the living room, dining room, and catch all. I have felt like a kid again living in my mom’s house with only the bedroom to call my own. I am so excited to get the house back but not about cleaning it-ugh!

I have also found it is tough to eat healthy while eating out for dinner. The hospital and the places around the hospital don’t have a lot of good choices. In all the mess I stopped logging my calories for the day—there for a while we were living minute by minute and it was near impossible to worry about how many calories I was eating. I just tried to make the best decisions I could giving the options I had in front of me. My weight has stayed the same, so I suppose that is good, but I really need to get back to exercising, walking and seeing the personal trainer. My sweet Duste has passed me again and now weighs less than me. She looks great and I am very proud of her but it really shouldn’t be so easy for her and so hard for me—ha! To make matters worse I am an emotional eater and stress/worry is my trigger. I ate a cookie here and there, some frozen yogurt and stole a few fries. But what I really wanted/could do was eat, eat and eat some more so I think over all I controlled it fairly well—did I mention in the middle of all this I started my period? (Another thing that triggers my over eating)

It is a struggle and sometimes I don’t always win but one week of not so great eating for one meal a day won’t make me gain it all back. I just have to get myself back on track and log my calories so I know where I am each day.

Life happens, stress happens, periods happen and the unexpected happen—all we can do is do the best we can and roll with it. Like a tree in a storm, you either bend with the wind or you break.

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