Monday, July 1, 2013

The journey of changing my name….

I have decided to change my last name to that of my wonderful partner’s. As I blindly find my way through the paperwork and legalness I decided to take you with me!

So far, the system isn’t set up for names changes without marriage. I went to the Clerk’s Office at the local court house and found there is a packet of information I need to fill out and bring back. I did this and this week will turn it back in. Then she said I will have to take a paper to the local Newspaper to have an ad in the paper stating I want to change my name and that will run for 3wks, the last one running 30 days before I can get a court date. The newspaper will send me a receipt, which I have to attach to my packet and bring with me on the date. I will then go before the judge to ask if I can change my name.  Of course none of this is free—I have to pay the clerk to file my paper work and get a court date ($145) and pay the newspaper to run the add everyday for a month.  ($160)

I then looked up what will all need to be changed when I get my new last name—

Credit Cards, Bills, Bank, HR stuff at work, Insurance—house and personal, drivers license and Social Security card. My plan is to attack the Social Security office 1st, then DMV and go from there.

It’s a lot to take on, a lot to take in and a lot of steps but I am so excited and it is sooo going to be worth it! Soon I will be Talisa Ann Eggers!!

I wonder sometimes how certain people are going to take this and other news that is coming very soon—like her parents but I think all will go well. A lot of people are just now getting comfortable with us or getting really good at ignoring it and here I go again rocking the boat! Ha! I can’t help it, I want the same things every other straight girl wants and by god I will have them…..I’m like the mail man—nothing will stop me!


The night before it was to run in the paper I sent a text to my parents. My mother’s response was short and sweet with “ok” but my father pleasantly surprised me with “I respect and decision you make—I love you!” Of course my Soul Mom Brenda was supportive and shared in my excitement! I also told my sister Amanda, who was over the moon with excitement, I would like to note here she doesn’t even know about part two coming in October. Lastly we broke the news to Duste’s parents on Friday who were excited I was going to carry their last name!  So all went well with part one—part two will come soon enough. I will let everyone have a little time to adjust to this before the BIG NEWS comes!

 The court mailed me my appointment date set for Early August! Things are rolling right along!

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  1. I couldn't just give her my name... but she found a way to get it all the same.
    D. Eggers