Monday, July 22, 2013

My New Nephew!

As Keaton Michael would say “Eli Joseph just came out” on Sunday July 14th at 8:14am. He was 7lbs 12oz and 19.5” long. We spent the next two days feeding, holding and admiring him, the perfect little buddle. Until Monday evening when finally a nurse took a look at him because things just didn’t look right in his diaper and he still hadn’t pooped. That was when we were told he has an Imperforated Anus and he would be transferred to Riley Children’s Hospital an hour away.

What a roller coaster—one minute everything is fine and we are preparing for him to go home in the morning and the next we are told there is something seriously wrong, so wrong we have to go an hour north to the Children’s Hospital.

Imperforated Anus is a type of birth defect that affects more boys than girls and occurs once in every 5,000 births. Typically babies born with this also have other health issues and birth defects. However, we got lucky! After lots of test everything else is fine, everything else connects he just didn’t have an opening.

He still has to stay at Riley for observation and after a week today he gets his first bottle. As long as feeding goes well they will be going home this week!

All of this has been a journey; emotionally, financially and mentally. It has exhausted us all but we are nearing the end and that’s what keeps us going.

I am excited to say I was in the room when Eli Joseph was born and it was an experience! Amanda did great and only need to push a few times and he was out! It was amazing to see, so much to take in and for me it all happened so fast! I loved the look on Keaton’s face when he was brought into the room to meet his little brother. Keaton Michael is an amazing big brother and took right to the role. I got to keep Keaton a few days and we had a blast. He and Ivy got close and were playing very well together. We would start and end the day with a visit to the local hospital to see Mom, Dad and Eli. Keaton would insist on holding Eli at the start and end of each visit. Keaton and I even had shirts made that say “I’m the big brother” and “I’m the little brother” with their last names on the back! He was very excited about that! I am a blessed NawNaw to have two very adorable little boys in my life.


My sister and I may have our differences, we may not always agree on things and we may but heads but when things get tough, when things get hard, we are always there for each other. I knew my role at the hospital when Eli was born because we had done this when Keaton was born. This time we had a week of hell at Riley to add to this. I did my best to keep spirits high, be encouraging and do what I could. I have made daily trips up to the hospital, stayed all night without sleeping a few times and made sure we had food in our bellies. Because that is what I do, that is what they needed me to do and I couldn’t stand being at home just waiting on a phone call. I am not a hand off sister, nawnaw or sister in law.

Things in my own life may have been crazy at the time, finances not where you would want them with something like this going on but we got through it because sometimes that’s all you can do. Life is full of ups and downs and all you can do sometimes is hang on. But in the end the result, a healthy happy little boy, is worth it all!

Kiss your family, hug your babies and be thankful for the small things in life!
NawNaw with Eli

NeNe with Eli

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  1. life is a series of ups and downs but your the one who puts the fallen back on their feet.