Friday, May 3, 2013

End of the 90day challenge--part 1

90 days into our “Life Style Change” and we are still in losing mode. We have decided to extend our the Losing Mode in our Life Style Change for another 90 days—for a total of 6months. After which time we will accept where we are with our weight and go into phase two—maintaining Mode.

It’s been an interesting journey so far. We have learned to eat better, make better food choices and figured out what combination of foods keeps us fuller longer for the work days. We sometimes eat more than 1,200 but we always stay well under 2,000. We do not deny our cravings we simply make adjustments for them—meaning if we give into something then we have to have less the remaining day or the next. I would say most of those times have to do with our time of the month. We rarely eat fast food—in fact I think that last time we did was the first month we started this. Fast food just isn’t worth the calories it takes to eat it. We no longer eat at our favorite home cooking spot as it doesn’t work with our new life style but we have found other places to replace it. My craving for pop is gone—I have found drinking half my weight in ounces has really helped with all the junk cravings. We do snack but only on healthy things and in healthy amounts. We still prepare healthy home cooked meals for our work lunches—which are amazing and make others jealous while their eating their frozen meals.

So, I think we have found our new normal!

The Results:

Over all Lost:

Over all Lost:

 I am currently only 4lbs away from where I was years ago before my thyroid tanked. I never thought I would see that number again! I am excited to see where we are at the end of the next 90 days!

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