Friday, May 3, 2013

Affordable Healthcare Act

Insurance Changes are a comin’

Thanks to the Affordable Health care Act starting in October I, with the help of an agent, will start shopping around for the best rate on a private insurance plan! If I get turned down by all then I can try again in Jan 2014. In January the insurance rules change so they can no longer deny based on a pre-existing condition.

Why do I need to do this if I already have insurance where I work you ask—because I don’t like the feeling of being stuck somewhere by the balls because of insurance coverage. Also, because soon I want to have a family and I will not work 30hrs a week. So, we are checking on this avenue to see if this is something we can afford because I never take No for an answer.

Sure this would all be easier for us IF Indiana would allow Duste to cover me on her insurance but the only factory that does this voluntarily isn’t hiring. Besides it is a scary thing to have all your eggs in one basket!

We are determined to find a way, for us, for our family and for our future!

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