Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

A Mother does not have to give birth to be a mom. A Mother does not have to be blood related at all. A mother is someone that loves unconditionally, supports without question, gives guidance when needed and is always just a phone call away. I am lucky enough to have a mom just like that. She didn’t give birth to me but since my father found her, we have been inseparable. My Brenda May has taught me many things throughout my life and I am very grateful I had her there to help mold/shape and encourage me growing up! I have always enjoyed spending time with her. She knows how to pull me up when I am down, make me smile when I want to cry and always keep me laughing! She makes every holiday worth looking forward to because there is no stress, just love!

With the same definition in mind, I consider myself a mother. In the past I was a mother to many, most often to the adults in my life. I have mothered both my sisters, my middle sister since her parents’ divorce and the little one when I lived at home. I have worried, stressed, and sacrificed my own well being for both my sisters, parents and grandparent. But ever since I can remember our birth mother has gotten the glory on Mother’s Day.  This has made me a little bitter about the holiday to say the least. I cannot understand how I do all the work and she gets all the recognition just because she gave birth.
I am excited to say this year was different. It started the day before Mothers Day—now known in our house as Dog Mothers Day! I got a surprise present from Ivy bought by Duste! Then on Mother’s Day Duste went out of her way and over the top. She did everything she has said she would do for weeks now and then some more. My birdhouses are painted and hung, my car is clean inside and out, plants are planted and the yard is looking great! I love my Duste, she always makes me feel special and very loved! I can always count on her!

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  1. Just you wait till NEXT DogMother's Day! lets spread the word around the world Saturday before mothersday is now officaly D.M.D (dog mothers day)