Saturday, January 26, 2013

Going back to work...

In two days I will be going back to work after my third desmoid tumor surgery. This third surgery, I feel, has been easier to heal from. I suppose it’s because we caught it early and the tumor was small. The only surprise at home was when I burnt myself with the heating pad—I have a lot of nerve loss. My blister was about 3-4inches and right beside my incision. So, for a week now I have had to deal with that—keeping it covered and clean. I went back to the chiropractor last week and it was heaven! She really helped with all the after surgery pain I was having. This week I am dealing with the after surgery insomnia. I have had it with all my surgeries and I’m not sure why. It’s like I get my days and nights confused. I am sleepy all day then as soon as the sun goes down I am wide awake! After a few days of 3-4hrs of sleep I finally broke through and can now get to sleep around 11. It isn’t good sleep but it should get better after a few weeks!

So far 2013 is looking great for us, Duste and me. I am tumor free and we are changing our lifestyle for the best! We are determined to be healthier than ever!
Before the blister!

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  1. take it easy at work and don't forget to write us updates on how your doing on your lifestyle changes.
    (Diet and back to work)