Monday, January 7, 2013

A week later...

It’s been a week since my third desmoid tumor removal surgery. This tumor was the smallest one yet and recovery isn’t as severer as my first two. I also stuck to my surgery plan—which was to limit my pain med intake—and because of that have very few side effects. This week I have been doing a lot of sleeping and finding a waist band that doesn’t hurt has been a challenge.  

Duste has been awesome. She has taken such good care of me and has even rubbed my feet at 4am multiple times! (I’m still having muscle and joint pain) She puts up with my whining and griping like a pro! (However, I have been mostly whiny) She cuddles me when I want, watching movie after movie with me and is doing a pretty good job keeping up with the house.

 Every day I am reminded how lucky I am—it amazes me.  We are closer than any two people I know and keep getting closer. We are so connected and I know that no matter what happens in life we will always have each other. Not too many people can really say that and mean it. We have the type of relationship I dreamed about as a child; close, connected and committed. As I lay in bed, which I am doing a lot of lately, I look around and am amazed at the life we have made together. We are buying a beautiful home, a home I would have never dreamed we could have. It truly is amazing; our relationship and our life together. She makes me so happy, every minute of every day. The best part of this recovery is I get to spend it with Duste. I can never get enough time with her, every day all day is just not enough.

 Even with a rare disease, like Desmoid Tumors, I am the luckiest girl in the world!

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